Saturday, November 13, 2010

My another work place.

Today I would like to introduce my another work place.Gems & Kisses. When this store is my first job in Second life. Kay asked me to be a live model at high quality Jewel store. when I heard that my heart was bouncing and exciting! but wait what is a live model ? I know some stores have a beautiful model in the lovely outfit and accessories who stands in the store and she greeting to customer with smile. started to work at Gems & Kisses. (GK). I felt I am part of GK family. They are warm and friendly. exactly they assist the customer with warm smile.
Gems & kisses Artist: Deliziosa Vendetta
Director: Franco Bloch
Managers: Lisiel Andel (senior), LovelyMiwako7399 Menna, MagicMirror Fairay
Miss GK 2010: Keira Soulstar !!

MUST Check it OUT for high quality, gorgeous Jewels at this Store!!! guarantee You will Love it! 
The Limousine Gems & Kisses - Main - Jewelry a, Nobility (35, 46, 28)

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