Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New year!!

Happy New year 2011! and 明けましてオメデトウ御座います!今年もどうぞ 宜しくお願いいたします。
I join to Japanese friends , KD mall friends. to make a wish for our happiness and healthy at temple in Japanese Sim.  it was fun to be around them! thank you all ! you are fantastic! I got this IM from Roe. she is a sweet friend of mine :) we met in Miss virtual world 2011. I would show this message to you all. you and I should be friends and make good environment together. yes you know who you are.

I had an X-ray done today, and they found you in my heart. The Doctor said if they took you out, I would die, because I could not live without such a good friend.. Give this heart to everyone you don't want to lose in "2011" including me if you care. Try to collect 12 it's not easy! YOU HAVE 20 MINUTES TO TELL 6 FRIENDS.  HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND!!  2011 IS GONNA RAWK!!!

no need replay to me but it is wonderful, isn't it ??  :) thank you all for all you have done to me with kindness :) <333

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