Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miss Virtual World 2011 and the last show on Dec 30th 2010 @ 4 pm SLT!

Hi !!

About MVW2011 ( Miss Virtual World 2011 pageant). This pageant is present by BOSL, Best of Second Life. and almost 4 years now. I will put some URLs for you to take a look of  MVW 2011 this time. this pageant is already over on Dec 18th 2010. so you can see who was winner and run up finalists.  this year's winner was  Serene Faith/ Miss Hong kong.   Serene you look stunning and gorgeous!!
 Here is the site >

Even curious who were in this pageant ?  here is the site >>
and this one! Thank you  so much Tillie Ariantho!

Oh BTW!!

Miss Virtual World 2011 held the national costume show on Dec 30th 2010 @ 4 p.m. SLT! WooHoo!!
You can watch it on the site OR  BOSL TV in world ! so No lag to watch our show. sound great, isn't it ?
Here is URL for the metaverse TV

hope you enjoy the show !!   see you then :)

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