Friday, January 07, 2011

KDC Mall !

Hi! Today, I want to introduce one of Japanese Malls, KDC Mall. owner is Kawadai Criss. officer is Iccoh are running this big mall. Look this COOL logo!! There are Japanese designers' stores in this Mall. I will show you  store  Halcali  designer Iccoh 's new release!
 This Turtle sweater with pant for MAN from  Halcal. Iccoh's store. 
Japanese sandal from B@R. 
Hair from ZEUS

 Halcali Tweed suit

there is hair stores section in this Mall. Especially for men. Kawadai will run hair shop ((Salon de GLOW)) and  another hair stores  ZEUS, Scars.

  You will find more man's hair there! Let's swing by and take a look there. I bet you will get back to shopping at KDC Mall!!

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