Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miss Gems & Kisses 2011 !

Hi !

Miss Gems & Kisses started now! Who will be a Miss GK. entry date is Jan 1st to 31st.
Final: 11 February 2011, 1PM SLT.

The contest entry requirements are as follows:

1ST:  You are required to join the Miss & Mister Gems & Kisses, inworld group. The cost to join is 250 L$, to discourage spam and alts.

The group members receive a 25% discount on all Gems & Kisses' products at the mainstore (gifts for friends, limited editions, dollarbies and hunt items are excluded) and gifts (past and new items) until the end of the competition.

2ND:  You are required to purchase products specifically designated for the Miss Gems & Kisses contest  in order to create 2 outfits, one for 2 of the 4 possible themes.  You can choose 2 of the 4 proposed themes. Not all Gems & Kisses products can be used for the contest but you can use them to enrich your photo.

Each theme must include a different set of jewelry composed at least of earrings and a necklace (varying  the colors of the same set to be used in more than one theme does not constitute using different sets and will be disqualified) .

The photograph must be of good quality (you can ask a photographer and use Photo-shop) , the photos MUST emphasize the jewelry, they must be 1024 x 1024, be renamed as " Miss GK 2011 -  Theme - Your name ",  be added to the Miss Gems & Kisses group on flickrs and send to Franco Bloch and Lisiel Andel (please, use a folder renamed as Miss GK 2011 - Your Name)

The themes and products are :

- The  warrior woman: tesan, turan, veive, feronia

- The elegant woman: classical diamonds, divine diamonds, fine diamonds, floreal diamonds, perfect diamonds, eccentric diamonds, pearls in love

- The conceptual woman: theory, concept, sunlight

- The floreal woman: fleur, carylinn, precious flowers

Upon completion of these 2 steps by all contestants 12 finalists will be selected.

The finalist will then be required to answer a questionnaire given by the organization and must choose one of the other 2 remained themes and create an outfit for a walk in front of the judges, stopping in front of them to answer few questions that will be posed.

Dateline for the 1th and the 2th phase: 31 of January 2011.

Final: 11 February 2011, 1PM SLT.

The winner will be announced at the end of the event.
Good luck contestants!!!

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