Saturday, February 19, 2011


Shiki Snow Festival February 19 Through March 5

On the Shiki sim February 19 through March 5, join us for our Snow Festival event featuring a sim exclusive treasure hunt, prizes, live entertainment, sale items, and a preview of the upcoming Shiki Designs Spring collection.

Fashion lovers and hunters will enjoy our on-sim hunt 19 items around in Sim. With an emphasis on fun, hunters will find special snowflakes hidden around the Shiki sim. Some snowflakes contain instant prizes, while others are counted by a wearable snowflake counter for progressive prizes. The more snowflakes you find, the more and better the prizes become.

Shiki Designs will also be offering great values as they retire early collections to make room for an all new collection for spring/summer 2011. Be sure to check out special previews of the upcoming collection that designer Shinichi Mathy has hinted will be "urban tropical". Come to see SHIKI and other stores in SHIKI's SIM right now !!  you won't miss nice Hunt items and sale !! 

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