Thursday, March 24, 2011

**** FASHISM EYES ****

Today. I want to introduce eyes store for you!
FASHISM eyes is new store. Designer Ikon Innovia makes Lively eyes. 

Sunrise' Eyes - Eggplant Light size L

sunrise Eyes Deep Rising sun  size S

'Sunrise' Eyes - Steel Blue Pale  size M

The FASHISM eyes included in this purchase come in 5 sizes: Extra Large (XL), Large (L), Medium Large (ML), Medium (M), and Small (S).  The Medium size (M) eyes are the closest to real life human iris proportions and will look good on most realistic avatars. Male avatars in particular might favor these or even the Small size (S) eyes.  Female avatars may prefer the bolder feel of the Medium Large size (ML) eyes, or want to take it even further with the exaggerated Large size (L) eyes.  The Extra Large size (XL) is appropriate for a more fantastical or stylized look.

These FASHISM eyes have Copy permissions only, so they are no-Mod, no-Transfer.


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