Thursday, March 17, 2011

from Dinamite Kidd. Project OROCHI CEO.

Thousands have died and more than 10 thousands have gone missing after the biggest earthquake to hit Japan in 140 years triggered a deadly tsunami on Friday 11th March.  The quake, which measured 8.9 on the Richter scale, has since been upgraded to 9.0 by Japanese meteorological officials.
The extent of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami has had devastating effects.The country is now grappling with fears of possible radiation leak from its nuclear plants and threat of further earthquakes.

Project OROCHI is a official support partner of MEDECINS DU MONDE JAPON  (Doctors of the World Japan).
We set up Fund-Raising for Second Life users to help the victims of this devastating earthquake.
The donations will use for East Japan Earthquake Medical Support by MEDECINS DU MONDE JAPON.

If you wish to help this Fund-Raising pls contact to me.
I can set the donation box in your land.

I have a plan of charity Live concert event in SL at April.
More information will be soon!!

I pray for my country.
I love Japan.

dinamite Kidd
Project OROCHI

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dinamitekidd said...

Thanks Blossoms :))

We will organize 5days Charity Concert Event in Seccondlife at April. 20 of musicians from all over the world will perform their music for the victims of Japan Earthquake. Performance fee and all tips to musicians & venues will go to the donation to use for Doctors of the World’s humanitarian activities of Japan Earthquake!

dinamite Kidd
Project OROCHI