Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi everyone.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I received a note card in world. I need you read and see how our nature attack around us. please read ..

I just read your notecard about the fundraiser and noticed Nothing was said about he big island of Hawaii.  my home town of Kaulia- Kona Hawaii was hit by the Japan tsunami
Video links to the damage are listed below

Many of the buildings on  Alii Dr. that have been there for many years sustained a LOT of damage.  Many of the business owners lost their livelihoods, some lost their homes, and the clean up will take a lot of time and surely change the character of this charming little town.  I appreciate that many people are sending money to Japan, and I hope that people continue to do so, but I do hope that any of you who can also send financial help to Kailua- Kona Hawaii will do so.

You can call the Chamber of commerce there, and ask how you can help. I thought about starting a fund raiser for them, but if you are like me, you question if the money actually makes it to those who need it. I would prefer that you donate to Kona directly to help with their clean up efforts to bring back the charm of the lovely little town. I am heart sick to see what happened, and wish I was there to help somehow :(

Here are some youtube videos of the actual wave, and aftermath if you are interested.
If you see the church steeple in the  video, I lived next door to that church. Kona is the only place where I felt truly at home, and I miss it very much.

Thank you for your time business - I truly appreciate it. Creating my little Hawaiian pixel items helps keep me connected to the islands.   On occasion I get to meet someone here who lives there in real life, and it takes me back in spirit:)

Much Aloha, NIckki Romano

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