Thursday, March 03, 2011

New release from Vanity Hair!!

A new hair  collection of Vanity Hair!!! Designer Tabata Jewell is one of fabulous Hair designers!! and this time she has one PROMO Hair for you all !!
this hair ROCOCO on PROMO price, 200 lindens regular colour packs, 700 fatpacks. Only until Friday 4th!!!

Also new 5 Styles to choose from, each in 20 different colours. Hair bases are add in all packs, hair pieces packs and regular wigs.
So you don't have excuse to come and try our demos!!! 

here is photo for one hair named Demodee

Hope you guys like it as much as i did :)) You can not Miss them !!
Taxii!!take me to vanity Hair please!!
Oh Oh I need to add how to buy a hair from board! here is an instruction and it help you to get your favorite color's fantastic hairs!
Hello Dear customer,

This is Menu driven vendor.
How to buy from it??

Left click the vendor.
A menu will show on the top (right side) of your screen.
Read the dialog.
Make your selection from the menu.
Once you have selected the desired option, click OK from Menu.
Now you RIGHT click VENDOR,Select PAY, and pay the requested amount.

Note: If you wait more than 20seconds to make the payment, you will be refund.

Any doubts please contact me.

Best regards, Tabata Jewell

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