Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cleo New release !

CLEOPATRA Xigalia released new gown !!

New gown ** Moonlight'n you** absolutely romantic and gorgeous gown for the date !! you will be a princess in this gorgeous gown ! and it said that Made of a black silk with a stunning floral pattern lace overlaid in  gold.... we begin at the bodice.. this is a structured corset top.. completely strapless it clings to your figure... seductively showing off that tiny waist.. which is accented by a band of black silk ribbon.. the skirt then clings to you showing the curve of your hip to perfection.. until just above the knee where there is another band of ribbon.. and from which the lower skirt explodes in layer after floaty layer of fullness.. that swings and sways with every move...and even more so when you wear the optional train .. this gown dances beautifully ... and will truly make you feel so good and your beau so proud... but that's not all .....

As Cleo customers know you always get extras.. and this time is no exception.. also in the folder are a pair of stiletto shoes.. the upper matching the gown and the heel in plain black... very pretty .... a nicely coloured pair of stocking hold ups.. very sexy...... . .. a pair of plain black evening gloves.. above the elbow and extremely elegant ..... a black velvet choker with a pretty pearl and gold pendant and matching earrings adorn your neck and ears..... and to top it all off beautifully is a little fascinate hat... mostly black but with a adornment in the dress fabric that perches prettily..... the whole outfit is a joy to wear and is stunning to behold... she's done it again..
here is the photo for you . take a look !!
 Do not forget Cleo has L$ 99 Summer dresses with five different one!!
Here is LM !

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