Friday, May 06, 2011

Welcome to the House of MEILING !!

RL designers are coming to SL to express their creation in world :: International cyber world. Meiling Couturier is one of them. she is starting run her shop here.
Meiling is the premier RL designer of the Caribbean. She is renowned for her work in fine linens
and natural fabrics.  Her style is minimalist but with close attention to the detailing of every piece,whether beading, embroidery, or a razor-sharp pleat.
Although each item produced is unique–a black dress or a crisp white shirt, a bespoke wedding dress or a men’s linen jacket—the end result is always a sophisticated garment marked by superior workmanship.
The list of local, regional and international celebrities who wear her clothes include celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam.
M - Saucy Frill Shorts Set

" I am very excited to have a presence in SL and to bring my designs in here for the residents. I am fascinated by this incredible platform of creativity and community and  totally 'get it' why people love being here. We have worked hard to translate my designs to the SL standards and to make sure that it looks as good or even better than the real thing."

" I really hope people get my style which  is not over the top. It is meant to really show off the woman and not the woman show off the clothes"

M - Le Garcon Shirt & Pants set

MEILING is the registered brand name of Meiling Inc. Ltd. The Meiling Logo is copyrighted and cannot be used without permission from Meiling Inc. Ltd.
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