Saturday, June 11, 2011

new release from Vassnia !!

This time Vassnia has unique products for you !! I will show you  two items. One is Unique also feminine cute Ribbon shape Face mask AND pretty cute shoes from Vassnia !

.::Vassnia::. Grace- Ulfra femme Ribbon Mask

when you touch it you will be able to re-size or change color to silver, blue, purple, gold, pink, read, coral and white.. all in pastel tones. Also you can edit and attach to your hair or other places.

.::Vassnia::. Grace- Ulfra femme Ribbon Mask

Next is  .::Vassnia::. KICK N' ROLL - Heel Sneakers (resizable) 

FULLY SCULPTED, NO ALPHA EFFECT WHEN WALKING ON A TRANSPARENT FLOOR!!! Looks great this shoes with PIN HEEL! well I love pin heel .. cough...
They are 12 different color   (red&black, purple, pink, blue, turquoise, black&white, union jack, american, etc).. THEY ALL ROCK!!!

Let's check them and get them all  at Vassnia shop!
Click Logo to the Main shop!

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