Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Release from VERO MODERO!

Here are the new release from VERO MODERO. I will introduce three outfit for you.
1::: VERO MODERO Dolce Dresses
    Dolce Dresses , which flows gracefully from a bandeau style top with he swirling pattern  accentuates the graceful lines of this bewitching dress.
6 pattern.
DOLCE /red
2nd is VERO MODERO / Righe Set
using plenty of laces at the one open shoulder. Look sexy and beauty in this outfit. This included belt,   fish net tights. and long pants as well.

Third :: VERO MODERO Armiore Sets for Female and Male
    Let Armoire Set  tantalize you with a see through top or one whose temperature rises when they see you dressed in black?   Then Armoire is the answer. Why choose when you can have both in one shirt?

Let's get your friends to go shopping at VERO MODERO!!

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