Thursday, July 07, 2011

ReNew Narkisos Fashion Village Now called The Water Garden Narkisos!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
I give a brief introduction of New Narkisos Fashion village.
Narkissos has been renewed with a Awesome new Build by
Grazioso Aleksee. Called The Water Garden Narkisos. 
Many of your favorite SL Designers have shops at The Water
Garden Narkissos.
Azul, Morea style,Vanity Hair, Virtual impressions, grasp,
Son!a, Blacklace, B!Fashion, GARCONS TOKYO, Crie Style 
and Blackswan.
There are excellent designers shops are waiting for you.  
Please come and relax or let's shopping till the drop!
we hope you enjoy this beautiful Sim with your friends
or get your GF or BF to shopping together !!
Beautiful Sim. built by Grazioso Alekseev
Click LOGO to the Water Garden Narkisos.
Sim Provider,Styles of edo, owner: edo Tone.

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