Tuesday, September 13, 2011

::C’est la vie!:: Monthry Party in September

 You have met many people in Second Life who share a heartfelt moment with you.

One of my Cute Japanese friends. Larcoco is designer of  ::C'est la vie !:: is pose,animation, Gestures, spiritual sound,and clothing&accessories shop for cute in SECOND LIFE.
Also she plays eye-opening DJing in world. 

::C'est la vie !:: had a Monthry Party in September
with wonderful music. there were many people danced and enjoyed her DJing. Yes I enjoyed her music and dance pad XD
 Here we go!
click to see original size

 Her shop has lots of cut outfits and poses. please  have a look around her shop !!

✿Shop ::C'est la vie !:: 

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Kitt said...

thanks Blossoms:))
your dress was so beautiful ❤