Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New runway and halloween poses at MBPS

Hi everybody,

i'm so excited because Samhain is coming. For most of us it means Halloween. But i'm not like everybody else, so to me it is Samhain.

First set is: Morgane's Shoot - Samhain 2011
Includes 4 single poses and 1 naughty couple pose.
 Come try out pose 4 in the shop on 2nd floor

Second set is: Morgane's Samhain - Triple Goddess
The Maiden represents the waxing moon.
The Mother represents the full moon.
The Crone represents the waning moon.
They represent so much more, for more infos, Google it.
 Find it on 2nd floor beside the samhain set.

Now, the brand new runway pose set: Morgane's Runway - Haute Couture
The new poses are perfect for gowns such as Fellini and many more styles.
 Find it on the back wall of the 1st floor.

- The hand glitch fix pose now at the foot of the fireplace.

- The Just for fun hunt is coming to an end, if you didn't grab the hunt prize yet, come get it as it will dissapear on Oct. 1st

- The Runway Perfect Hunt starts on Oct. 1st, if you are a runway model in SL, you cannot miss this hunt.
 - The model of the month contest is open each month from the 1st to the 30th. Get your picture shown for all to see and win free poses. Read the nc for all the information and rules.
The Model of the month contest

Have a great week,
Morgane Batista - Owner / Pose Creator
Angexx Quandry - Assistant

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