Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inked - The Experience Show present by Opium agancy.

This gonna be exciting !  Inked - The Experience!! present by Opium fashion Agency.
 I usually think of outfit when I hear " Fashion show" But This show is for HAIR!! yes!!
 Dura hair shop tie up with Opium fashion agency this wonderful show!

Dura hair shop is exploding hair market in world and you may heard the name.
Dura's CEO and designer.chiaki xue is a talented hair creator and her partner Naotsune Enzo is also hair designer to make variety of  Unisex, boy and girl's hair for us. especially for guys!!

 Opium provides amazingly creative fashion. and they are high quality professional models in this Agency.  
This time, Opium Fashion Agency hold the hair show - Inked- The Experience!! oh I can;t wait to see the show !!

 Date Sept 23rd @ 4P SLT  - Sept 24th 8 a.m in Japan time
          and 24th @ Noon (12P) SLT. - Sept 25th 4 a.m. in Japan time.

Land mark for the show http://slurl.com/secondlife/Apassionatta/165/114/2501
come to see and enjoy this Hair show! 
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