Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New line from Halcali:::Check dress & leggings !!

Halcali NEW Release !!! Check dress & leggings

autumn has come.. I become in a sentimental when I see greens are turning to orange or red.

then I wear this stylish clothes left up my feeling.
there are four colors ::: red , beige , green , white
OK : trans, mod 
No Copy
come get some.  You may need a change. Dress up for your next date. Show a different you to your partner.
or Dress fashionably when you go out. There may be a chance to start a new love. ! wow !
Enjoy dressing up. <3

@ Halcali main store
Halcali:::Check dress & leggings
accecory from Crystal line:: pose : Agapee (

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