Sunday, October 02, 2011

“Hunting 9 vol.2″
from sep.30th 1:00am [SLT] to oct.9th 1:00am [SLT]

1. Get the HUD from any shop which is taken part in this “Hunting 9″ (one HUD is enough)
2. Wear the HUD and click the logo of every brand to teleport.
3. Search PINK STAR at every shop
4. If you find the pink star just click it, you can get one lamp on your HUD and receive the prize.
5. After filling all the lamp of the HUD, you will find “Get Prize” mark on. Then you can teleport to the panel for the Prize from +grasp+ for clicking it. And finally click the panel you can get the special prize.
* HUD will be placed in every shop just before starting the hunt.
* You can not receive the prize if you are in “Busy mode”.
* Make sure you wear the HUD. you can not get the prize if you are not wearing it.
[Participates brand List]
Kumaki Glasses Style
see what I got !

this scarf and lovely this BOB on my head. :P

this prop is nice for single or group photo 

Cool top 

this sofa is so cozy

Tukinowaguma hair for boy and girl

jacket, denim jean w/ red top

3 kind of earrings


cute sailor outfit  w/ cap

MESH glasses !   viewer 3.0 to see mesh 

and last grand prize is..
grand prize at Grasp included two bags

yay! you  see those wonderful hunt prize.. Come ~ HUNT! GET! and have a look those lovely stores ! you will find nice stuff at each stores. keep LM and come back for shopping later. Wink *

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