Thursday, October 06, 2011

Meiling, 6 moths Celebration for the launched in SL !!

I got noticed from Meiling group. 
Meiling has run her in world store for 6 month.. Wow time flies!!
I came to her store after got notice to get two perfect sexy cocktail dresses.
also I got a 200L gift card in the store to use for The perfect black dress.
there are 3 colors to this dress @ near the entrance.
Do not miss this great chance to experience to have RL designer's
designed dresses in your wardrobe.
Here is Meiling notice.
It's 6 months since we launched in SL!  
...and to celebrate I am giving a  200 L gift certificate (on the table).
You can rez and open your box just outside the store in the East garden.
Card expires on 2011/10/10 so come get it now and use it towards...
I also just put out the perfect LBD with a MEILING twist.
It's a MUST have for every fashionista.
The perfect red dress.Hair: Dura, Accessories : Crystal Line, Nail : Mandala, Shoes: MJS.

The perfect Black dress. Hair: Dura, Accessories : Crystal Line, Nail : Mandala, Shoes: MJS.

Meiling Main store
Meiling Blog

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