Monday, October 03, 2011

One of Meiling's gown lead me into the Fantasy world!

I usually try to organize my inventory.. ( yet, Need to organize it more ). one gown caught my eyes.Meiling dress called M - Water Fae Gown. Meiling couture is from RL fashion designer ,

Meiling Couturier  in world name,who came to Second Life to show us variety styles of Fashion. and you can buy those Real outfits in world. It's so amazing, isn't it ? and I like this word.. **Dressing is about a sense of occasion about Feeling special and the relationship between the personality and garment is very important.**

  so back to this Water Fae that the color is soft and silken. and named it ! When I wore this gown. I feel like a Fae into the fantasy world..  then I wanted to take my photo in this gown. However, I would not be myself so my lovely unicorn was with me to be in this photo. You can be one of princess or Fae in Meiling garments. Must try it! It's worth !! Thank you.

Also Meiling brand has more garments, you must come to have look in main store!
about Meiling Couture..
in RL :::Meiling is the premier RL designer of the Caribbean. She is renowned for her work in fine linens and natural fabrics.  
in Second Life ::: Globally inspired designs by RL Caribbean-based fashion icon MEILING are now in SL. Launched in collaboration with BOSL, rave reviews are coming from all across the grid. 
Japan Caribbean wedding gown couture

Meiling Main store LM >
Meiling Blog

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