Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peek a bit New Prism's collection !

HI everyone,
Just Noticed you!  Prism talented designer, Journey McLagien, did it again! Prism will release new line, Laura.That will be out soon! This one has nice warm color and cozy, soft knit sweater, leather mini skirt and frilled long socks are all one package. How nice !! You must love to get to wear in this cold season.
It included additional one Mesh skirt. So you can see it with new viewer,too.
You can't miss it !

To the main store>**Prism** Adding Color to Your Second Life


Anonymous said...

Oh Blossoms! This looks adorable and I just love the hairstyles you selected to go with Laura! Hugs, Journey.

Blossoms said...

Thank you very much for your comment, Journey! Yes those outfits are fabulous and I am honored to blog Prism's creation!