Monday, November 07, 2011


                                                    BehaviorBody  Animations            
click to change Stand pose
use HUD to change Wall and Floor texture
This Prop included HUD 2 pose stand could use for 2 models
A Brand new Props is present in BehaviorBody store ( only 10 prims) , 27 new poses (+27 poses mirrored version) dedicated to this little corner available in the full pack or as always as singular too, it is full scripted for changing texture ( 9 different wall texture and 10 different floor) with an Hud ready to wear or rez. 2 models can pose at the same time on it, just clicking on left or right walls and menu driven for choose the pose.
In the package are present 2 posestand ready to use.
 $199 as promotional price for 1 week only

This is a little prop just 2 prims and 16 poses inside, against the wall prop is available at special price of 59 Lindens

As November gift for all sl people i wanna share that redux version of Glam Corner with 4 poses inside

New Main store LM

Previous release from Anto BehaviorBody CEO and Designer.

In the store you will find a little black house and inside there are some of Cherie Parker creations, you can find 45 new poses in the three different category below, there is also for you all a gift, a cute couple poses.

September  release,
a little props full scripted for changing texture and switch poses.
with 65 poses and 16 button in the hud for changing texture  between the 2 categories Sofà and Pillows, in the package are present 3 different kind of pillows not linked with the Sofa as a gift with poses and change texture script too inside.

 -BehaviorBody Chaise Lounge  is a props (11 prims) with 65 poses dedicated and accessible via touch with left of the    mouse on particular spot, you have to retouch the same spot for have the menu driven.(5 spots are present)(2 pillows and seat part of the sofa).
-5 different avatars can sit at the same time on it.
   All poses can be adjustable via public chat command  "/1a"  and a menu driven appear on the right up side of your    screen for move on the 3 axis your avatar.
   In the package is present one  HUD for switch texture, there are 16 button each for choose your favorite set of texture, for Curtains Table and Floor separately.
It is really easy to use, just wear it or rez it on the ground and push one of the button for change the sets of texture present..


BehaviorBody CEO, Designer :: Anto.

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