Thursday, December 22, 2011

SAS - Avi Choice Awards 2011 Gown!

SAS  designer received Avi Choice Award 2011 ! designer sascha.frangilli  released this lovely gown with  exactly name **Avi Choice Awards 2011 Gown** for you !!

 Congratulation sascha.frangilli!!
 SAS entrance

From Sascha message

Hi Girls,

As a token of appreciation for winning the Avi Choice Awards for Favorite Women's Apparel 2011, I have put a FREE gown up for everyone in SL.

You can find the gown in the Free monthly Gown section under the name: " Avi Choice Awards 2011 Gown ".

Entrance to Sascha's Designs

Thank you so much!

x  Sascha

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