Sunday, January 29, 2012

** Angeleena ** from Prism !

Prism brand team is so pleased to introduce the first new dress in the Spring Collection for all of you who have had enough of winter! This classic little cocktail dress features a feather skirt plus two bodices  -- strapless and spaghetti strap. 

This breautifully  detailed top is finished on the jacket layer so it can be worn with your favorite jeans or skirt or layered over a tee.
 color choices: black, red, gold, blue, brown and grey.

And BEST OF ALL it is 25% OFF during the introductory week. Get it now and save!

Let's get nice fancy dresses for part of your collection !

And this weekend we also have the Manager's Picks at the special price of 50% off.

Chel's Pick: Giselle in Garden (main floor)

Main Store LM
Lets go!

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