Sunday, April 08, 2012

Awesome prizes from The runway perfect hunt2 hunt!

Here is awesome prizes from TRPH2!

GO TO TRPH2 Site and get start hunt them ! 
Date April 1st ~April 30th.

Out fit - Prism  - Gisele- Yellow
Make up tattoo [mock] Supersweet Shadow Two[Ai Shui]
                             [mock] Force of Love Lip Glass [Ai Shui]
Shoes::  [: B!ASTA :] :KASIA: Pumps  Leather from TRPH2
Hair - The Strand - Mushroom Basket/Cocoa from Crazy hair hunt


Accessories:: Chop Zuey - I Am Aphrodite Pk Set  from TRPH2

Vanity hair . crazy hair hunt 

2nd pic

Solo Madrid make up tattoo from TRPH2  

3rd pic 

EHC - Elegance leather pant from TRPH2
Egoisme Net Tank from TRPH2
Eyes - *+Crie Style+* eye_EN <ruby> from TRPH2
A:S:S - Runway makeup 3 and 4 from TRPH2
Accessories - The Mila, Black Diam from TRPH2 
Crazy Hair HUNT  -  Stormcrow Hair - Entropy Designs
Crazy Hair HUNT - Stormcrow lightning - Entropy Designs
- Quintessencia - Amanda Suede Boot Dark Gray 

4th pic 

[mock] Supersweet Shadow Two[Ai Shui]
Tatto make-up - [mock] Force of Love Lip Glass  [Ai Shui] / TRPH2 
Eyes - *+Crie Style+* eye_EN <ruby> /  TRPH2  
Accessories - The Mila -Black Diam / TRPH2 
Hair - W. Winx - Robin's Nest - Red  From  crazy hair hunt 

5th pic

A:S:S - Runway makeup  from TRPH2

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