Friday, April 06, 2012

[[Loovus Dzevavor]]Grand Opening !TODAY!!

Introducing a new hair and cosmetic brand hitting the grid!
Loovus Dzevavor promises to bring stunning high fashion hair attachments and cosmetics to all of Secondlife's beautiful avis. We offer formal, casual, couture and urban styles so there is something for everyone. The grand opening is Friday, April 6th 
and they have so much to offer you!

COUTURE COLLECTION: Modeled by Aphrodite Brianna

MISS VIRTUAL SPAIN: Created for & Modeled by Dasia Mocha

SUBSCRIBER GIFT: Touch the Subscribe-o-Matic for the Fatpack!

Subscribers will get a fatpack exclusive every 3 months!


** Join the VIP group for Loovus Dzevavor and receive monthly gifts valued at 750L or higher. For our grand opening, we offer a hair fatpack as well as an exclusive lip set! A total value of 1000L! Membership fee is 750L so it's definitely worth the investment!

We offer all of this plus 19 more styles!
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For more Loovus Dzevavor join us on Flickr in the Customer Group:
And don't forget to add us on Flickr as a contact

We can't wait to share all of our hard work with you <3

Vikeejeah Xevion & LoovusDzevavor Resident ** 

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