Monday, October 22, 2012

MEB Fall 2012 new releases!!

totally cute!! included shoes, gloves and muffler!


one thought from MEB
Sometimes a designer likes to be free from seasonal chains and from a too strict linkage to her own story and style. With Fall 2012 MEB clothes, MariaElena wanted to walk new paths, but she wanted also confirm some trends she did follow since her beginnings, reinterpretating the classy italian elegance even in casual and semi-casual.

There is a range of mesh tweed pants, to create new outfits inspired to Autumn times mixing and matching some classic MEB items to this new mesh one.

Then the MariaElena's surprise: a MEB trip to avantgarde, MariaElena wanted to show how a complete different style can match MEB's own. MEB .A. Collection aims to hazard a crazy Fall: not soft sweaters in falling leaves' colors, not light coats and jackets, not classic pants and tops. But whimsical leggings, big metal accessories, geometric shapes, strips and futuristic boots. Pitch black or deep blue scattered by little touches of red, white or gold elements make the collection's color palette.
But don't be afraid: MEB style peeps out from every outfit: sobriety,  minimalism, preciuous textures and classy inspiration feature the five .A. outfits as MEB lovers are used to see since many years yet.

New clothes are available at MEB main store, and will be soon in the other MEB shops

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