Tuesday, November 20, 2012

■■■ RMK Gothic "Frost Fair2012" ■■■

■■■ RMK Gothic "Frost Fair2012" ■■■

From December 1st  through December 31st, 2012

Place:  RMK Gothic SIM 

This idea was inspired by *River Thames frost fairs*, we created a winter festival named the RMK Gothic Frost Fair. You can buy many new and limited products in the romantic Christmas atmosphere!

Come join us, Let's shop and skating !

Store List:
( Current participants are 25 stores, as of November 16th)

・:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier
・World's End Garden
・Wretched Dollies
・Down Down Down
・Bubblez Design
・Dark Midday Designs
・:::Dimbula Rose:::
・+SC+SugarCoat *Guest
・+:::+Natural+:::+  *Guest
・:NuDoLu: *Guest
・Fairy Tail *Guest
・SOUP *Guest
・La Petite fleur *Guest
・ Kyoko Couture *Guest
・+Theater Chain+

**River Thames frost fairs were held on the Tideway of the River Thames at London between the 15th and 19th centuries, during the period known as the Little Ice Age, when the river froze over.
A celebrated frost fair occurred in the winter of 1683–84 and was thus described by John Evelyn.

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