Tuesday, February 05, 2013

come to see AWESOME Creations!!


This month Split Screen hosts:

"Yes, Giovanni" by Yooma Mayo (ground level)

WINDLIGHT: "Midday 3"
WATER: "Glassy"

"Afterlife: A Journey Through the Imagination of Pixels Sideways" by Pixels Sideways (sky level)

WINDLIGHT: "blackskymoon"


Be sure to see both!



The Split Screen Installation Space is place where artists and builders develop and exhibit large installations.  Two artists use the space for two months, and then other artists take over.  The space is meant for large builds that utilize the possibilities of Second Life as an artistic or immersive medium, such as works that are impossible in real life.

If you like what Split Screen is doing, please vote and leave a comment at the Art Galleries of Second Life kiosk.

Please join the Split Screen group to get updates (there is a group joiner and tip jar near the entrance).  If you are interested in becoming a regular supporter of Split Screen's work, please get in touch with me!

You can become a patron of the arts through Split Screen!  You can "spread the burden" by contributing a little money each month toward tier.  There's more information at the kiosk.  If you are interested in becoming a regular sustainer of Split Screen's work, please get in touch with me!

Machinimatographers are welcome to film in the space, provided they credit the artist(s) and the Split Screen Installation Space itself.  (Please note: my permissions do not extend to the residential areas on the rest of the sim.)

Artists are welcome to ask me about working in the Split Screen space, and I'll be happy to hear about artists who might benefit the opportunity.  The kiosks offer a notecard with information specifically for artists.


Dividni Shostakovich
Curator, Split Screen Installation Space
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