Sunday, February 10, 2013

SHIKI New MESH cocktail dress LEVANA!

SHIKI-Mesh Cocktail Dress-LEVANA-envy-
Candy Nail *prim Nails Base* for v2,v3
""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi3"
Miamai_Camille High Heels_Emerald Flax
*agapee*runway pose 
Back drop from [ Lucky #7 ] Lux Curtain  and rose petals on the floor.

about SHIKI

SHIKI launched its first design in spring of 2008 with a small collection of men's casual wear. In 2009, the women's line was launched.

SHIKI launches two major collections a year and participates in Modavia's Fashion Week, Glance Fashion Day, BOSL Fashion Week and AGATA's East Meets West Shows. SHIKI also holds two major fashion shows to launch the new collections.

SHIKI has been featured in numerous magazines and media including Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington and MODA Spotlight on Most receltly Shinichi Mathy was featured on SLTV Japan to a live audience.

Since the launch of the label, SHIKI has become known for its unique and distinctively urban designs with high-quality, hand-drawn details. SHIKI continues to push the envelope in SL fashion.

Shinichi Mathy, owner and creator of SHIKI, was born in Tokyo, Japan. He relocated to Hawaii and lived there for 20 years. He currently resides in Tokyo.

Join the SHIKI DESIGN group today and receive an exclusive outfit free every single month! Yes, SHIKI creates an outfit for men and women every single month, giving you 12 exclusive outfits a year just for being a loyal member of SHIKI. You also get exclusive access to major fashion shows and special sales and parties. The SHIKI DESIGN group is FREE to join.

Please visit our main store inworld and check out SHIKI.

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